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Oh dear lord, thank you, Apple... - Recent Developments

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September 10th, 2009

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01:43 am - Oh dear lord, thank you, Apple...
This has been one of my biggest pet peeves about the iPod touch, and now it's fixed:

"The facsimilie of your Home screen, meanwhile, lets you drag app icons around just as you would on the phone itself. A small “x” appears when you hover over any third-party application, allowing you to remove it from the phone. You can drag an app icon to one of the thumbnails of your other Home screens or even rearrange the order of your Home screens entirely by dragging and dropping them."

For those of you who have no idea why this is great, previously you had to do it this way:

"...rearranging the order of your apps meant laboriously dragging applications one-by-one to the edge of the screen, then waiting for the phone to shift to the next Home screen -- moving it multiple Home screens was an exercise in self-control that all too often ending in weeping."
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