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End of an era? - Recent Developments

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December 30th, 2009

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12:20 am - End of an era?
I may be about to do something I haven't considered in 14 years. I may buy a Western Digital hard drive.

Back in the day (1995-1997) I worked for an ISP. We also, as an occasional side business, built systems. The builders always used Maxtor hard drives and I adopted Maxtor as my go-to brand for drives. (I still have a vintage 1999 8-GB Maxtor drive that works, as well as an 80-GB one from 2003.)

Then Maxtor got bought by Seagate. So the last couple of drives I bought (two notebook drives and an external USB) were Seagates. All are working fine.

Now I'm looking to buy a new desktop drive for Kim's old computer, and I'm noticing a disturbing thing: Seagate seems to have lost its mojo for desktop drives. Only two Seagate SATA drives get five-egg average ratings on NewEgg -- one on the strength of a single review, and one that's not available (and only has 13 reviews).

Of the 18 3.5" SATA drives with five-egg ratings, the brand breakdown is:

Seagate: 2
Samsung: 3
Hitachi: 4
Western Digital: 9 (including rankings #1-6)

That can't be coincidence. Maxtor, Seagate, wherefore art thou crap?
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Date:January 1st, 2010 06:03 am (UTC)
(*blink*) Western Digital?!?!? Back in the day, as you say, and on into the first half of the 2000s, I don't think I bought or scrounged a single WD hard drive that DIDN'T fail after just a few months in-service. I'm still buying Seagate Barracuda server drives for everything, and having pretty good luck. I've got two Maxtors in the house - a mirrored pair in my server, for backing up workstations. Recently we had a power outage and one drive in the pair threw its partition table. A reformat and rebuild and all was well, but it was disconcerting. None of the Seagates have so much as flipped a bit error, SATA, IDE or SCSI. Got a stack of 18G Ultra3 Cheetahs for one-off projects like rebuilding an O2 workstation. :-)

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